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freedom hair

how does freedom source hair? 

freedom purchases hair from the general public of the world. We work with charities, individuals and hair precurment agents internationally and locally to make sure we have hair suitable for our clients' diverse needs. 

do freedom wigs arrive in a style? 

freedom wigs arrive without a particular style. This allows out clients to work with a hair dresser, just as the rest of the public would, to realise the potential of their prosthetic. We work with our clients to pick a base colour (or blend of colours), curl preference (from straight through to heavy curl) and length (4"-16") to help recreate the look of their original hair or a brand new look. 

can you put colour into a freedom wig? 

because our wigs arrive unstyled and one homogenous perfectly blended colour; some clients may wish to add some interest with streaks and foils. Our hair responds to treatment like this as would any normal healthy hair. It can potentially weaken the hair particularly if the dye contains peroxide based ingredients. We recommend to use the expertise of qualified hair dresser when dying our wigs.

are all combinations of length, colour and curl available? 

unfortunately the simple answer is no. In each freedom wig we use approximately 15-25 ponytails blended to achieve the length, curl and colour requested. We also need these ponytails to be longer than the finished length to account for our manufacturing process. Due to these factors we find it difficult to source our blondes in the longer lengths.

how long will my freedom wig take to make?

it is very difficult to say exactly how long your wig will take be made. Due to the extreme custom nature of our prosthetics, timings vary substantially based on the availability of the hair you are after, which country you order from and a variety of other parameters. It is best to talk to your independant agent for more specificity around timing.       

can I put my hair in a ponytail? 

yes you can! freedom wigs can be put into a variety of hair styles, as you are able to part the hair in any position and the cap will look just like your scalp. Have a look at out gallery for some examples 

freedom cap 

what are the freedom caps made of? 

freedom makes our caps out of a medical grade silicone. This material is hypoallergenic, resists bacterial growth with easy care and is incredibly comfortable. Its comfort comes from the fact that is completely smooth and molded to your head. 

are the caps hot? 

wearing any wig is warmer than having no hair, but we would say that wearing a freedom wig is no warmer than having your own growing hair in most situations. This is partially due to our vapour permeable technology which allows persperation to  evapourate through the cap before condesnsing underneath it.

how is the vacuum achieved? 

freedom does a medical scan of your head allowing us to get a very accurate 3d virtual image. This is then used to create the silicon cap that moulds accurately to the contours of your head. When you place the wig on your head all of the air is removed and there is near complete silicon to head contact. This ensures that the wig cannot be moved without you allowing air back in to break the seal. 

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