contributing your hair (new zealand residents/citizens only*)

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At Freedom Hair we welcome the opportunity to purchase high quality hair.

our requirements to purchase

Not all hair is suitable for wig-making. The hair we use must:

While we are unable to use hair with a mix Grey and colour in the making of a wig, we are able to use 100% grey hair. 

Further details on our criteria and what to do next

want to donate?

Please use only the P.O. Box address supplied on the below PDF to ship via freepost, not our street address. Thank you! 

Please Click Here

We do not accept gifts of hair. If you do not wish to be paid for your hair, we will donate the amount we would pay you to the charity of your choice, or we will subsidise a customer whose financial situation makes buying their freedom hair difficult..

There may be a donation processessing time of up to 2 months in some cases, although you should hear from us within a week of receiving your hair. Email if you would like to query the status of your donation. 

*if you would like to donate your hair but do not live in New Zealand, please research into local organisations that will accept your hair 
















































































































































































































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