What Freedom Hair Wearers Have to Say

Denise says:

The wigs that are made by Freedom Hair are nothing short of awesome. The suction cap is so comfortable you don't even know you are wearing it. I feel normal again.
People are amazed when I tell them I wear a wig. They don't believe me. My Freedom Hair is identical to my own hair, with its natural curl. I can do everything with my wig that I did with my own hair. I play sport, water-ski and ride motorbikes. it's just brilliant.

Gary says:

Thanks to her Freedom Hair, my daughter can run, jump, do handstands, swim and play sport just like all her peers. She doesn't have to worry any longer about wigs falling off or people noticing that she is wearing a wig. She is now comfortable and confident. 

Toni says:

The minute I put it on, my whole life changed. I cried a lot of tears. I could now swim and do heaps with the kids. I didn't have to worry who was standing behind me anymore and what they were thinking, and no more worrying how windy it was. I had total freedom, it is so life-like. Now I feel whole and beautiful. I can tie my hair up, do anything I want with it. I am so overwhelmed with what this wig has done for me. I can't thank Freedom Hair enough. It has changed my life totally.

Selina-Jane says:

Freedom Hair wigs are just fantastic! My wig is completely natural looking, perfectly matching the colour and curl of my own hair. It looks wonderful on, and at last I can finally feel like I am normal walking down the street! No more stares and comments! Freedom Hair's after-sales service is impressive, with a real willingness to help sort out any teething problems. It has been the most marvellous experience for me and I could not be more delighted.

Carol says:

I've been a customer since 1998, and could never go back to ordinary wigs! With Freedom Hair I'm very confident about how my hair looks. I get compliments and questions like 'Who does your hair? It's always so nice.’ I take care of it myself – no weekly salon visits or ongoing expense.

I just forget it's there – there's no itching or irritation from the cap, and there's no need for me to bend my head down when I walk into the wind. I walk with my head up now. I know it's secure and I know my hair will blow in the wind and then fall back into place.

Debby says:

The three things that stand out for me are these: First, it feels comfortable and reliable. I have been embarrassed more than once when my old wigs came adrift, but your wig is close-fitting and never shifts, even when swimming or when walking in bad weather.

Second, the appearance is completely natural. My friends and family asked if my hair had grown back! No fabric patches, no frizzy edges, no dodging the heat when cooking.

Third, because of these two features, I have greater confidence, I feel comfortable and I feel natural. I no longer sense a foreign piece of material on my head that reminds me of my baldness; instead, like other women, I can forget about my hair, knowing that it's doing the same job for me as it does for other women, giving me the confidence of natural loveliness.

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